According to the California Student Aid commission, the number of undocumented immigrant students in California applying for college financial aid has dropped more than 40 percent.

The California Dream Act allows undocumented students brought to the U.S. as children [known as “Dreamers”] are eligible for in-state tuition and forms of financial aid.

The state’s financial aid deadline is approaching there is fear that California’s Dreamers who are afraid to apply for FAFSA will be unable to launch their careers in college.

Nursing major and Dreamer, Martha Dubon has been attending the college for a year.

Throughout the year Dubon has been receiving financial aid but is afraid to reapply for fall semester.

“Since Trumps win I have been afraid, not just of applying to financial aid but of just being here on U.S. land. He has said horrible things about the undocumented and has commented on sending us back to our born state,” she said.

Dubon is aware that the financial aid deadline is approaching and has given a lot of thought and research in reapplying.

Students are required to reapply and submit all required forms for financial aid by April 30.

Dubon has also given the thought on just applying for the schools Board of Governors Fee Waiver to just waive her enrollment fees.

“This topic has been super heavy at home, especially because I am the only child. My mom has been constantly reminding me how I was brought here as a child and all the hard working women she has raised me to become.”

Dubon was brought to the U.S. at the age of four when her father passed away in Mexico. Her mom thought it would be ideal to move to the U.S. to offer her child a better future.

Although her mom knew it was not going to be easy and many challenges and fears were going to come their way she did it anyway.

Concha Dubon, Pricilla’s mom raises concern by stating “It is very hard to see my daughter worried at home. She tries to hide it from me but I see it in her eyes. When I brought her to the U.S. fear is the last thing I ever wanted Martha to face.”

Dubon’s mom does not agree on her just applying for the fee waiver and wants her to apply for financial aid to further her education.

“Martha wants to become a nurse because her father died due to an illness. I would hate to see her give up on everything she has worked for because she has fear in whom we now call our president would do,” Dubon’s mom added.

Actress Gina Rodriguez, is Dubon’s biggest inspirations in life besides her mom.

“I know I should not have any fear and applying to financial aid will help me pursue my career so I have to do it. As Gina would say, I can and I will,” said Dubon.


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