Start off at a community college they said, it’ll be fun they said.

The estimated time frame for a student to attend a community college like Cerritos is two years.

Once the two years have passed the student is expected to receive an AA degree and or transfer into a university.

For many students like business major, Karina Montano, that two year time frame is not the case.

“I have attended Cerritos since I graduated high school back in 2013. I took two summers off but I have always taken on a full time schedule,” she said.

Montano expressed that she believes she is still at Cerritos because of her changing her major.

In 2013 she enrolled as an undecided major, then took elective classes to see what she would prefer. After a few classes she decided to become a business major.

To receive a degree and transfer the requirement is 60 unit attempted, once a student has reached those financial aid stops giving aid and requires a student to do an educational plan.

“I noticed I had a hold on my financial aid and it said to do an ed plan, days later I received an email to go see a counselor and do just that,” said Montano.

A financial aid educational plan is required after the 60 units attempted for a AA and or transfer student. The purpose is for students to focus on their educational goal within the appropriate time frame.

If students don’t do their ed plan they may not receive any aid.

Student affairs assistant, Kuyairria Ferguson said “It actually puts a hold on your account [if you don’t do the ed plan] because [financial aid] needs to disburse you for the exact amount of classes.”

Ferguson mentions that she has been working as a student affairs assistant for two years and has seen how well financial aid is on top of things.

“I have done many calls for the ed plans and I have helped with many appointments. The ed plan is really helpful,” she said.

After Montano received her email and saw the hold on her financial aid account she went to meet with her counselor.

“It was actually a quicker appointment than I thought. We met discussed the classes I needed to take and estimated my graduation rate. This requirement is actually a very great tool to help us students who have been way over the two year time frame to graduate,” Montano said.


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