Michael Cueto

My name is Michael Anthony Cueto. I am 25 year old Cuban- American. I am of Christian faith. I am also a basketball fan, a hip- hop fan, and a fan of food. I am a business administration major. So far i am grateful to be part of our college newspaper Talon Marks. I have learned a lot these past months. And i am excited to see what this semester hold for as a returning college student here at Cerritos College.


Rocio Valdez


My name is Rocio Valdez. I was born on May 15, 1995. I come from a Mexican heritage. My major is journalism and hope to one day be a news anchor or host in the entertainment industry. I have always love the attention, cameras and to write. Fall semester of 2017 will be my last semester at Cerritos College, and I am excited to be transferring soon.


Dennis Osorio


My name is Dennis Osorio aka “Pato” (duck in spanish). I am 20 years old and I’m currently a Cerritos College student pursuing a career on Communication Studies who is interested on working on social media in order to reach the youth. I am a person who loves learning new things from different people and cultures. My interests include socializing with others, meeting new people, trying new foods, spending time with my family and friends, and altruism. My goal is to influence people in the best positive way.


Briana Velarde

I go by the name of Bree. I am currently the Online editor of Cerritos College Newspaper Talon Marks. In high school I was a part of this media and communications learning community and that’s when I fell in love with everything that involves video, audio and music. My aspirations are to be a digital content producer for a radio station or to write for a magazine like Fader and Complex.


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