IMG_2441The consequences from Financial Aid for being an irresponsible student are fair. Even though for some of us we do not know how to be an adult let alone be a responsible student. I speak from experience. Right now I am cut off from the perks of Financial Aid. Or should I say the perk of some extra cash.

Thank God students that are on academic probation can still have their classes waived. All you need to do is fill out the Board of Governers Fee Waiver form in the administration office.

It is my fourth year here at Cerritos College and I have only finished up 25% of my Business Administration requirements. But i have valid reasons and not excuses on why the lag has been so great.

During my first years here at Cerritos College I battled with anxiety, depression, and Bipolar disorder. In a lot of ways you feel like the minority with these illnesses especially when you feel like you are the only one dealing with them.

Just like most students I have the potential to thrive and succeed. But just like most students it isn’t always a piece of cake when you are trying to reach success. We always tend to face what we think are unnecessary setbacks. For myself they were these mental disorders and the fact that my parents split after I graduated high school.

I ended up dropping out of Cerritos College because the warfare was too much. Around the same time I had accepted Christ in my heart because I knew my life was filled with sin.

It took a while to adapt to living for God and not caring what anyone thinks. Finally after recommitting myself to a life of sin i faced some scary situations. I had to recommit my life and come back to God. For the past two years I have devoted my life by sharing his gospel, speaking life, and giving clarity to others on who God is.

In the past two years he has set me free from being bound to drugs, sex, and lust for sin. My anxiety and mood swings have reduced. It has been a process. I am still flawed none the less. But I no longer depend on pills for my mental disorders. I try to fight for the blessings God has for me. I feel graduating from college is one of them.

I am still adapting to the routine of school because due to so much sin and weed smoke i completely checked out of reality and the responsibilities of life. But I am still a contender to get a 2.0 grade point average or higher to regain the privilege of receiving financial aid.




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