Former Student Not Funded

Former Cerritos College Student, Carlos Salas (26) was not qualified for financial aid while attending. Reason being because he was an undocumented immigrant here in the United States. But he still managed to find a way.

An aspiring lawyer actually found many ways. While being fully faithful to school he would go to super markets just to offer to clean windows for tips, sell cologne, and was also working at an insurance company by the name of Street Smart Insurance.

I guess you could say he had a lot on his plate to say the least.

After all his hard work and dedication at Cerritos College to make his dreams possible here in the land of opportunity.

He gets accepted to one of the biggest schools in Southern California, UCLA. Acknowledging the fact that it was a highly expensive school his hustle and pursuit continued. With the help of his tightly knit family and his friends in Downey, Ca he had all the support to make it possible. Him and his family made it a plan to have taco sales in his front yard.

It was a Saturday morning ritual for the Salas family and for a lot of friends and acquaintances in the beautiful city of Downey, CA.

After all the hard work and collected effort Carlos, his family, and friends put in. It resulted in the collection of the money he needed to pay his tuition at UCLA.

Carlos now graduated from UCLA as a Philosophy major with hopes of still being able to go to law school. He now owns his own insurance office in Buena Park called Street Smart Insurance.

The grind has not stopped for Carlos he continues to pursue what he knows he is capable of.

It keeps showing us although the odds aren’t always in our favor God is in our favor and anything is possible with God on our side.


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