A former Cerritos Community College student by the name of Jason Cueto  triumphs with autism. At the age of 6 Jason an aspiring film director was diagnosed with Asperger’s Disorder. Asperger’s disorder is a form of Autism where the person is probably just as smart and determined as anyone else but they just have a little bit more trouble reaching success. Sounds like anyone i know to be honest.

On the WebMd website they stated a person with Asperger’s could be just as smart as anyone else but their social skills or communication skills may not be exactly up to par. Well that sounds like a lot of us at times to be honest.

WebMd also stated that they are very selective in what they are interested in. If they find something they like they give it all their focus and attention. Once again this also sounds like me.

But if you ever come face to face with someone with Autism the differences listed on WebMd will make much more sense.

Growing up was a little bit tougher for Jason Cueto. He was not the most popular kid, at times he was picked on, and when he spoke you could tell that he was different if you will. Which was not a bad thing.

Growing up he became thrilled with Dinosaurs at the age of six, Sharks at the age of eight, Reptiles and Dragon – Ball Z at the age of 10, Halo at 15, and film is his current love. Seems like a cool kid to me.

I believe at the age of 6 or 7 he learned how to ride a bike, he graduated high school, he also graduated from Cerritos College, and in a few months he will be a graduate at the University of Irvine as a Film major. So they told my little brothers mom Asperger was a set back and he would never would be able to succeed. But from the looks of it Jason Cueto has treated it as a stepping stone.

For many years of trying he was unable to get a job. I believe it was not until his sophomore year at Cerritos College he was hired at Big Lots. But during his freshman year student aid was a big help to say the least.

Student aid is still a great  help to the young and thriving individual. It has paid for a lot of his tuition at UCI being a student and someone who dorms there. Jason also works two jobs to get closer to his dream. Student aid is a great resource and he manages it to use it well as should we all. Well at least those who benefit and have the privilege of getting student aid due to being part of a low income family.


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